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Patient Resources

It is important to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your appointment time if it is your first visit.

New Patient Form

Contracted Insurance List

Allergy Intake Questionaire

Balance Self Test

Watermark ARES Questionnaire


Please complete our convenient new patient form, to streamline your registration process and ensure personalized care from your very first visit. This PDF file can be saved to your computer, fully completed, and then emailed or printed and dropped off at our office.

Explore our accepted insurance list to ensure seamless coverage for your medical needs at Total Care Family Practice.

Fill out our allergy intake form to help us understand your allergy history and provide targeted care solutions tailored to your needs.

Take our balance self-test form to assess your equilibrium and identify potential balance issues for personalized treatment recommendations.

Complete our Watermark ARES Questionnaire form to provide valuable insights into your sleep patterns and assist our team in developing effective treatment plans tailored to your needs.

The American Association of Family Medicine’s patient education website. You will find health information from A to Z.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. There up-to-date information on infectious disease, immunizations, and more.





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