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When you want to lose weight, how do you determine how much you need to drop? Having a body composition analysis lets you know how much fat, minerals, water, and muscle mass you have, so you can set your weight loss goals accordingly. At Total Care Family Practice, Dr. Evan Allen provides body composition analyses for patients in Henderson, Nevada, who are interested in healthily losing weight.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why might I need to lose weight?

Being overweight or having too much body fat increases your risk of developing a broad range of health problems. Some of these problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, are severe and put you at risk of complications. Maintaining a healthy weight and healthy level of fat helps reduce your risk of having health problems that are linked to being overweight.

How do I know if I need to lose weight?

Weighing yourself might not be enough to determine if you need to lose weight. You’ll need to know how much fat you should have based on your height and what a healthy weight range is for someone your age, gender, and height. Dr. Allen can help you determine if you’re considered overweight and if you have a high amount of fat on your body by using a body composition analysis.

What is a body composition analysis?

Dr. Allen does a body composition analysis to measure how much fat, muscle mass, protein, water, and minerals you have in your body. With the results of your body composition analysis, you can tailor your weight loss goals appropriately.

Is a body composition analysis the same as BMI?

No, BMI measures your body mass index, while body composition analyses provide more detailed information on the components that make up your body. BMI isn’t as accurate for weight loss purposes as a body composition analysis, so you shouldn’t rely on your BMI alone when setting weight loss goals.

What can I expect when I get my results?

Dr. Allen goes over your body composition analysis results to help you come up with a healthy and reasonable weight loss goal. He then provides you with advice on losing weight and achieving your desired results, such as following a healthy diet and working out on a daily basis.

If you need help with weight loss, please contact Total Care Family Practice to schedule an appointment with Dr. Allen.

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