Will SculpSure® Help Me Lose Weight?

Will SculpSure® Help Me Lose Weight?

SculpSure® is a body-contouring procedure that helps eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. While it isn’t intended for weight loss, it’s commonly used to get rid of lingering unwanted fat after getting to or close to your ideal weight. 

SculpSure is an excellent solution for patients with pockets of fat who aren’t ready for or interested in liposuction. This breakthrough procedure eliminates fat without surgery or downtime, and patients rave about the natural-looking results.

Dr. Evan Allen and our team at Total Care Family Practice are thrilled to offer a nonsurgical solution for eliminating unwanted pockets of fat. Read on to learn more about this fantastic fat-removal system. 

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure takes advantage of fat cells’ weakness -- temperature! That’s right, fat cells are vulnerable to certain temperatures, and they don’t survive if the temperature is too cool or too warm. Fat cells are irreparably damaged when they’re cooled or heated to a specific temperature. 

SculpSure heats fat cells to destruction without harming the skin, efficiently destroying them in each treatment location. Then your body's natural detoxification mechanism kicks into high gear, gradually removing damaged fat cells from the body for good.

What areas does Sculpsure address?

Fat tends tend to linger in certain areas of the body, resistant to exercise and diet. Fortunately, SculpSure targets these areas. 

SculpSure is ideal for tackling stubborn fat deposits on the inner and outer thighs, around the waistline, abdomen, and even under the chin. With state-of-the-art laser technology, Dr. Allen can target specific areas to refine and smooth your body according to your goals. 

Quick and Customizable

It's never been easier to reshape and change your physique. SculpSure treatment takes around 25 minutes per treatment area. There is no need for anesthetic or any lengthy preparation. You can immediately resume work and your routine daily activities after treatment.

SculpSure is entirely customized. Dr. Allen works with you to create a unique treatment plan that can help you achieve your goals. SculpSure can treat numerous body areas at the same time, which helps you reach your goals in less time than other laser technologies. 

What is a SculpSure session like?

SculpSure treatment is comfortable. During your session, you can anticipate reclining comfortably. The majority of patients describe feeling a warm or tingly sensation, but this isn’t a bother. SculpSure uses technology to keep the skin cool and pleasant throughout the procedure. Rest assured that the majority of people tolerate treatment well. 

Enjoy fabulous results

SculpSure is very effective. The laser technology removes up to 24% of fat cells per treatment area. Following your SculpSure treatment, results can be observed as soon as six weeks, with optimal results showing after 12 weeks. SculpSure boasts a high satisfaction rate. 

To maximize your results, we recommend a series of treatments. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Allen can recommend a specific series of SculpSure treatments to achieve optimal results. We work with you to customize your treatments based on your individualized aesthetic goals. 

Want to improve your figure in time for summer? The slimmer body contour is within reach, and our Total Care Family Practice team is here to help you get started. To schedule an evaluation with Dr. Allen, call our office in Henderson, Nevada, or submit your booking request online.

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